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We are here to answer your questions! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or special requests regarding the cooking class you have booked! If there’s an issue with why you can’t attend, please do let us know as possible. Before contacting us about a cancelation, please check the terms & conditions, and the refund policy as well.

Gluten-free Options: We have gluten-free options only for the pasta class, and only for those sensitive but not completely intolerant. The pasta is prepared with normal flour and you’ll get served gluten-free pasta after. If you’re sensitive, let us know when you’re booking!

Eatalian Cooks Contact Details & Location

Osteria Pasquino – Pizza Class

Piazza Pasquino 1, Rome Italy

Ristorante Tucci – Pasta Class

Piazza Navona 94, Rome Italy

Antica Trattoria Agonale

Corsia Agonale, 9, Rome Italy

Jazz Cafe Roma – Pizza Class (not operating right now)

Ristorante Panzirone – Pasta (not operating right now)

Location: All restaurants are located in Piazza Navona or the neighboring streets

Contact for emergencies:

Important note for agencies: We can’t accommodate more than 15 people. Please check our availability on the products, and book on this website!

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