15 Traditional Italian Pasta Recipes

Italians love pasta. This is one of the basic sides that most Italian dishes are made with. On this list, you’ll find some of the most famous Italian pasta dishes, as well as some that are really regional and really special. There are so many more great Italian pasta dishes, but in this article, we […]

10 Best Pizza to Try in Italy

It is no secret that pizza is the most loved food in the world, but can you imagine that only in Italy about 135 million pizzas are baked every month?Aside from being the most famous food in the world, pizza is an Italian traditional dish and a symbol of sociality and sharing. Now you are […]

10 Things to Know about Italian pasta

Pasta is one of the most devoured dishes in the entire world, and it seems like everything about Italian pasta tastes like a dream. Whether you are in Italy, France, or even Asia, almost every culture seems to have put together its version of pasta. We love it too, and we have decided today to […]

Cacio e Pepe Recipe

When I first arrived in Rome it was very late on a Sunday evening. Ahead of me lay pure anticipation of days ahead exploring this phenomenal city. I knew there would be pavement pounding, heat, and crowds but I couldn’t be more excited. Slightly sapped of energy from the journey, I wandered into a typical […]

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