Pasta-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

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With the help of our chef, you’ll discover the perfection of making Italian dishes. We’ll teach you how to make your own homemade Italian pasta step by step. And the best part? All this will take place in the most beautiful square of Rome, the magical Piazza Navona. An experience with an amazing view, and real Roman vibes. Become Roman yourself for a few hours!

Fettuccine Pasta Making Cooking Classes in Rome Italy – Piazza Navona



What To Expect at our Pasta-Making Cooking Classes in Rome Italy?

Are you looking for a perfect food experience in Rome? What else can be more perfect than learning how to make homemade pasta in the charming setting of Rome’s most beautiful square, Piazza Navona? Join us at our Fettuccine-making cooking class in Rome, and learn the secrets of the perfect Italian pasta. With the guidance of our chef, you have the opportunity to learn everything about the making of pasta and make your own Italian pasta. With our pasta-making cooking classes in Rome, you can have a real Italian food experience, where with the prepared Fettuccine pasta you can then make either a delicious Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Alfredo, or Amatriciana pasta. Besides the experience of the Pasta Class in Piazza Navona, we serve appetizers such as bruschettas, and we also provide drinks before, during, and after the class. Please read below the details!
We DON’T have gluten-free options!

Pasta-Making Class in Rome: Menu

Fettuccine Pasta – Once the pasta is made, you’ll have the possibility to choose between different traditional Italian dishes made with Fettuccine.

What’s Included in the pasta class?

  • Coffee and/or Tea
  • We provide the pasta-making machines for this class
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic Beverages


Ristorante Tucci – Piazza Navona 94, 00186 Roma


  • English
  • Italian

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.

Pasta-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

14 reviews for Pasta-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

  1. Diego

    I’m so glad I booked this cooking class last minute. It was a gift for my partner and we wanted to do fun activities in Rome. The class went on smoothly. The chef was very attentive and friendly. We learned how to make fettucine for the first time. The meal was delicious at the end, we all had it together with some drinks. Amazing experience!

  2. Sarah

    Booking this class was the best decision to make before going to Rome. I love pasta and learning how to make it like an Italian is a blessing.

    Although I went alone, the group was so nice that I didn’t feel alone. The chef taught us step by step how to make it while we enjoyed drinks. Then at the end we all sat together and ate the delicious pasta we made. Amazing experience!

  3. E

    It was a surprise to discover how easy is to make fettuccine. And a class like this can be really fun. Renato walked us through everything and we enjoyed our meal outside, with a glass of wine on the side.

  4. Szilard

    My seconf time in Rome, and I wanted to try something I haven’t done the first time. This pasta class was really fun, and the beautiful square…

  5. Emese

    When they say italian food is fantastic, they are right. Even better if in Italy, in the heart of Rome, a chef teaches you how to make traditional pasta! Renato was fantastic.

  6. Liam

    This cooking class was a really nice experience! We’ve been with the family, and we all enjoyed it so much!

  7. Julia

    Who would’ve imagined that making pasta is so easy and so much fun? Not to mention the extremely convenient location, right in Piazza Navona. Lunch with a view.

  8. Beatrice

    I had the best time ever at this cooking class. I always wanted to learn how to make pasta like a pro, and what better way of learning than in Italy from Italians. The location was amazing, we received coffee, water and wine while making the pasta. They served us delicious bruschetta and in the end we all enjoyed the meal together. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you Eatalian Cooks!

  9. Atti

    We were on a trip with my partner and we booked last-minute this pasta class. Such an amazing experience and our fettuccine were delicious!

  10. Megan

    Piazza Navona is the best place in Rome! And when we’ve seen that this pasta experience is set there, we decided to try it! So much fun, and the chef was great too!

  11. Orsi B

    What a spectacular experience we had! We visited Piazza Navona 2 days before the class, and it became our favorite place. We booked this pasta class last minute, mostly thanks to the location we picked this one. Chef was great, our pasta was great, and we had so much fun!

  12. Tamas L

    Really glad we’ve booked this pasta class. The setting, the experience, the location, and the restaurant were all amazing. I recommend it!

  13. Zoli

    after reading other reviews and seeing the fun photos on facebook, we booked this class to make pasta on Piazza Navona. I must say it was well worth it! Recommend!

  14. Giulia P

    What a fun class and what a beautiful location! We made the fettuccine inside the restaurant, and after, we were seated outside on the terrace, where they have fans, so it’s enjoyable in the summer too. Then, we have options to pick our sauce for the pasta: tomato, carbonara or pesto. I went with the Carbonara. Then, they served drinks, bruschetta, and they served the pasta we made with the sauce we wanted. The views over the fountain and church in Piazza Navona while having our lunch was absolutely gorgeous!

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