Pizza-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

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Join us for our pizza-making cooking classes in Rome Italy. We are located in the heart of Rome near Piazza Navona, in one of the best restaurants in the area, Osteria Pasquino. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling alone, with family, your partner, kids, or in big groups, join us. Connect with other travelers, and learn to make delicious Italian pizza from our chefs. A cooking experience in Rome you will never forget! Great food, an amazing environment, and a lot of fun! Join us and let’s cook together Italy’s favorite dish!

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cooking classes in rome

Food in Italy is an experience on its own. Eating in Italy, and specifically eating traditional dishes in Rome is one of the best things anyone can do in Rome! On top of that, we all love pizza, don’t we? And especially the delicious, high-quality Italian Pizza. So why not spice up your trip with an amazing cooking class in Rome? Come and join our pizza-making cooking class in Rome Italy! We can’t wait to meet you!

Pizza-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

Do you want to learn and make your own classic Italian pizza? Come to pizza-making class in Rome, and let’s make the best pizza you’ve ever tried! There’s nothing as delicious as a perfectly made, classic Italian Pizza, and this experience will surely upgrade your stay in Rome. And when you go back home?

Imagine your friends and family’s face when you’ll start preparing classic Italian pizza for them! Our location is at one of the best restaurants around Piazza Navona! We will provide all the ingredients and equipment you’ll need, and our chef will jump in to teach you to step by step the making of Italian pizza dough, and everything until the last step when you’ll get to enjoy your self-made Italian pizza!

As you may know, pizza is symbolic in Italy, and we will do our best to teach you all the tricks to make it perfect! Ending our pizza-making cooking class in Rome, you’ll get to sit down in the restaurant, or at our outside tables, and enjoy your pizza with a glass of beer or wine on the side. Discover how traditional Italian dishes are made, and let’s have together the best pizza experience of your life!

Please note that we do not have gluten-free option!

Available languages

  • English
  • Italian

Know before you go

  • Duration: 2h
  • Mobile tickets accepted
  • Instant confirmation
  • Book through Viator

Cancellation policy

  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.


  • You can either have a coffee or a glass of Limoncello after the pizza.
  • Bottled water
  • You can choose instead of coffee a glass of Limoncello. Also, on side of the pizza, you’ll get either a glass of wine or a glass of beer (small) at your choice.
  • We’ll serve bruschetta to our visitors as an appetizer for the time the pizza gets ready!


Osteria Pasquino, Piazza Pasquino 1, Rome

Pizza-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

37 reviews for Pizza-Making Cooking Classes in Rome

  1. Piroska Vigh

    This was the first cooking class I attended. It’s been such a fun experience. Making my very own Italian pizza with other people in the group. We had some drinks, ate delicious bruschetta and when the pizza was ready we all sat down and enjoyed it. Jazz Cafe Roma is also an amazing place, the atmosphere is impeccable. Would recommend to anyone!

  2. Lorand

    Must have experience if you’re into Italian cuisine
    On our trip to Rome with my fiancee, we rolled in a pizza-making class here and while the experience was fantastic, the pizzas we made were delicious, and the staff was perfect.

  3. Agota

    What a perfect day it was. Between sightseeing and long walks, we’ve decided to book a cooking class with Eatalian Cooks, since the time of the cooking class was right before lunchtime, so it was perfect not only to have lunch but to experience how to make our own Italian pizza for lunch. Great atmosphere, amazing food, and lovely staff. We recommend it!

  4. Dishant S

    I always loved Rome and pizza. Learning how to make pizza in Rome is a dream come true and it’s the best experience ever. Jazz Cafe is such an amazing restaurant with lovely staff.
    The experience was even more unforgettable thanks to the group of people taking part in the class. The chef talked us through the steps and we all enjoyed the pizza we made, along with drinks.
    I cannot recommend this class enough!

  5. Nora

    It was my first time in Rome, and I didn’t know really what I could do beyond exploring the beautiful landmarks and walking through cobblestoned streets. Since Italian food is something just like others, I couldn’t wait to try either, I decided to go beyond a simple lunch and booked a class with Eatalian cooks which is actually organized in a restaurant. Basically, this gave me the experience of having a delicious Italian pizza, but it spiced it up with the fact that I MADE THAT ITALIAN PIZZA.

  6. Kinga

    With Eatalian Cooks in Jazz Cafe I learned how to make my own Diavola pizza, and it was absolutely delicious. Loved the whole experience!

  7. Eni

    Jazz Cafe is the best spot for evenings in Rome, but it’s even better for cooking classes. We’ve made pizza on the day, and it felt so good to know that I made that traditional Italian pizza what I’m eating. Cooking always makes me feel good, especially when it’s something so delicious!

  8. John

    Marvelous experience with Eatalian Cooks! Thank you for the best pizza-making class ever! We really recommend for anyone traveling to Rome and looking for some food experience!

  9. Matteo

    We went to this cooking class as an experience while we were in Rome with a friends’ group. As an experience, it was really amazing and I really recommend Eatalian Cooks.

  10. Robert

    I didn’t expect too much from this pizza experience, but it ended up being a real fun! The chef was great and super prepared, the pizza we cooked was a-ma-zing! You just can’t do that at home. Definitely recommend!

  11. Barney

    We enrolled in a pizza class with Eatalian Cooks recently, and it was an authentic and unforgettable experience!

  12. Kriszta

    When you keep seeing on blogs, and social media all the things about cooking classes you’ll be playing around with the idea of an experience where you can make your own italian dishes. And here we are, just a few hours after my pizza-making class and I must say that I loved every second. Thank you Eatalian Cooks!

  13. Maria

    We took part in this class as a family and it was a wonderful experience. The kids were having fun and the chef was also amazing. So patient with all the families that attended. I definitely recommend this class.

  14. Csaba V

    First of all, the location was amazing. Then the whole experience was new and enjoyable. Making an Italian pizza in Italy is something I will not forget!

  15. James

    A lovely experience to visit Rome and not only eat delicious Italian pizza, but also learn to make it.

  16. Maggie

    We’ve been looking for couples’ activities in Rome and we came across a website, where they were promoting their cooking classes. We checked out, rolled in, and well… We fall in love with Jazz Cafe, the experience was amazing, and the pizza was delish’.

  17. Adele

    Since we love pizza, and we love unusual travel experiencces, a cooking class where we could learn to make a real Italian pizza seemed to be the perfect choice for yesterday. We had so much fun, having to make a pizza from scratch, and enjoying it later in the outside seating area. Perfection.

  18. Andrew

    It’s been my first time in Rome, and while I was wondering what experience I should pick, I came across this pizza-making cooking class with Eatalian Cooks. The location, the restaurant, the staff, everything was great, and the pizza, the pizza was just perfect.

  19. Paolo

    making pizza at home can be difficult if you don’t have a pizza oven, but with this experience you could make that perfect pizza a pizzaiolo would make and serve you with. Really recommende this pizza cooking class.

  20. Botond

    Fun experience that involves Italian food, this pizza class was the best food experience in Rome. Would recommend 10/10!

  21. Amit B

    So grateful to have come to this cooking class. The pizza we made was very tasty and the drinks were nice too. Thank you to the hosts

  22. Ittala

    I always wondered what makes Italian pizza so different from others. When I’ve been in Italy for the first time, I realized that one of the reasons is the quality -ingredients, the topping, and the amount of topping that’s used. So for my trip to Rome I had to roll into a pizza making class, and that’s how I ended up last week at Jazz. Amazing experience it was! Now that I’m back home, the challenge of creating that pizza again will start!

  23. Andrea

    This was the best idea from my partner. Going to a cooking class to learn how to make Italian pizza. The pizza turned out to be delicious, even though it was our first time making it from scratch. The chef was understanding and helped us when we were unsure what to do. Location was also 10/10!

  24. Alice

    I was on a solo trip to Rome when I discovered this cooking class online. Booked it right away and joined the next day. It did not disappoint. I fell in love with Italian pizza so learning how to make it was just a dream come true. Eatalian cooks staff was really lovely, and we had a lot of fun while making the pizza. There were also free drinks!

  25. Lucas

    I didn’t know about cooking classes before I researched what to do in Rome. Pizza is my favorite dish, so I was intrigued when I saw that I can actually learn how to make it. I have to say that the location was also amazing and the food was simply delicious. Grazie!

  26. Melissa

    Thank you to the host and chef for creating such a fun atmosphere in the cooking classes. It was truly one of a kind experience, one that we will never forget. I am so happy that I know how to make pizza now and I can impress my friends when I go home. Thank you Eatalian cooks!

  27. Beatrice

    I came from Spain to Rome on a mini holiday with my boyfriend. We attended this cooking class that was advertised on Italy Best website. I haven’t been on a cooking class before. The experience was amazing and the pizza delicious. I will be back again to Rome!

  28. Judy

    Where to begin? This cooking class was everything I have hoped it to be. The host was excellent, the food absolutely delicious and we were happy to have tried some Italian wine as well. I didn’t think I would have so much fun on a cooking class, but this certainly didn’t disappoint.

  29. Mike

    This was my first time visiting Rome which was already a great experience. I booked this cooking class in the hopes I will be able to recreate a delicious pizza once I get back home. It did not disappoint, the class was super easy, host and chef was very friendly. We all had fresh ingredients and prepared some delicious pizza. Eatalian Cooks went above and beyond to ensure we have the best time during the class!

  30. Beata B

    Who would have thought that cooking classes can be so much fun? Well, we definitely did not, yet with Eatalian Cooks we just had the most amazing pizza experience in Italy. And the location was fabulous as well.

  31. Camilla

    It’s amazing that this pizza class is right off Piazza Navona. The plan was to get a morning cappuccino, visit the Pantheon and some churches around, then to visit Piazza Navona, and by the time we finished our morning itinerary, it was time to head to Jazz cafe where the staff and the chef were amazing, and we had so much fun. A million times better than a simple lunch.

  32. Arianna

    When it comes to food experiences, anywhere we travel we want to try out something local, something new. This when it comes to Rome is pizza and pasta. We booked a cooking class with Eatalian Cooks and went there before lunch for the appointment. We had some appetizers, we made our pizza, and while we were waiting we’ve been sitting at the tables outside, which was lovely, to soak up the Italian sun. The staff was amazing, the pizza was delicious, and we had so much fun!

  33. Emke

    This was so much fun! There are plenty of options for classes and food experiences in Rome, and it was a hard pick, but we had so much fun and enjoyed the whole experience so much, that we must say, we did pick perfectly!

  34. Lieeb

    Chef was great, and he explained everything step by step to us. We’ve learned so much about making pizza, and we enjoyed every moment! Really recommend!

  35. Riccardo

    This class definitely bettered my pizza skills. Really nice experience and Jazz Cafe is beautiful, the place to go not only for cooking class! Really recommend!

  36. Anca

    We went on a family trip to Rome and we accidentally spotted this cooking class on facebook. After checking what it is about, we decided to book with the family and have a pizza experience together. Everyone loved it!

  37. jimmy

    Honestly an amazing experience. The reviews we saw made it seem as though the chef was rude or something was off because the chef sometimes may arrive late, but that was not the case. You’re able to have drinks while you wait until the class starts and it’s all included within the price. This is a wonderful experience and we highly recommend anyone that wants to try this. We did this Valentine’s Day and it was a lot of fun.

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