Terms & Conditions

Eatalian Cooks is an Italian food experience born through a collaboration between MIRA Digital and Jazz Cafe Roma.

This means, that the online side of the activity is handled by MIRA Digital, and the offline side is handled by the restaurants.

The restaurants where the classes are held are complying with all government requirements to function as restaurants, and they are insured as well.

We provide our guests with everything they need for a cooking class with us, as well as we serve finger food and drinks on side of the dish you signed up for to do at our cooking classes.

Pizza-Making Cooking Class Capacity: 15 people

Pasta-Making Cooking Class Capacity: 15 people

Allergies must be communicated with us, otherwise, we can’t prevent using those ingredients. We can’t take responsibility for any accident that happens at our restaurants if it wasn’t fully our fault.

Refund Policy

We offer our guests a 24-hour refund policy. In case of a No-Show, or any last-minute cancellation, if it wasn’t made 24 hours before the class, we can’t offer a refund at all. In case of an emergency, if our next classes are not full, we can optionally put you in one of our next classes, but we can’t guarantee the spot, since we have limited space availability.

When a guest takes our cooking classes, if there’s any issue on-site, our staff will be happy to assist and change any dish. Our staff is experienced and we are always there to assist any of our guests. However, we don’t offer refunds after a class was taken.

Privacy Policy

We won’t share with any third-party your details: name, email, or phone number. We need this information to be able to contact you and to track who’s present at our classes. We occasionally may send you emails with offers for our other activities, such as online courses.

The pictures we take at our cooking classes are made to be shared on Social Media and in the media library of our products both on eataliancooks.com and on viator.com – If there’s a picture you don’t want to be published, or you’d like to be removed, please contact us!

Booking for children

Children under 6 years old don’t have to pay, but we provide only the drink and bruschetta for them. Many children join the class of different ages, so if your little ones want to learn pizza or pasta-making, feel free to take them with you. If you want the children to roll into our cooking classes, you’ll have to pay the children’s fee even if they are younger than 6 years old.
All children under 14 must be accompanied by adults and they must be supervised. We suggest though for children until the age of 16 to be accompanied by adults, but that’s your decision to make. We don’t take any responsibility for children without adult company. For infants, we provide infant seats if needed.


Please make sure that you inform us in advance if you have any allergies! Please note that peanut allergy is not a problem, only (and maybe) at the pasta class if you’d order the pasta with Pesto sauce. Pesto contains pine nuts, and that might be better to avoid if you’re allergic. Other types of allergies such as shellfish, and fruits are not a problem since none of these are used in our classes. We don’t have gluten-free options at the moment. Overall, for maximum safety, we still ask every guest to advise us if they have any allergies!

Locations and website information

We work with multiple restaurants owned by the same local business in Rome. The website eataliancooks.com is handled and owned by a digital marketer, it’s not owned by the registered company: Jazz Cafe Roma. Our cooking classes are based on a b2b collaboration between the digital marketer and the restaurant owners.

Our locations are as follows:
Jazz Cafe Roma: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli 12, Roma

Ristorante Tucci: Piazza Navona 94, Roma

Ristorante Panzirone: Piazza Navona 73, Roma

Osteria Pasquino: Piazza Pasquino 1, Roma

Need help?

Contact us on hello@miradigitalco.com

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