Tiramisu Ingredients

Tiramisu recipe from the cooking class was calculated for 2-3 people. If you need to do more, please multiply it.

Ingredients for Tiramisu:

1 egg
2 tbsp white sugar
8 Savoiardi Biscuits (Ladyfingers)
4/5 tbsp Mascarpone
Unsweetened Cocoa powder

Step 1: Make the coffee, and let it cool down.

Step 2: Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Set aside the yolks and whip the egg whites until stiff. Remember that to whip egg whites to stiff peaks, there should be no trace of yolk. Once ready, set aside.

Step 3: Beat up the egg yolks in a bowl, adding the sugar, and keep mixing it until light and smooth (usually 3-4 minutes)

Step 4: Pour the mascarpone cheese into a bowl and work it with a spoon to make it softer. Mascarpone must be high-quality, creamy, and thick. When the yolks are ready, add them to the mascarpone cheese and mix them well.

Step 5: After 2-3 minutes of beating the mascarpone with the egg yolks (you can do this with a mixer), add the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Step 6: Mix with a wooden spoon, from the bottom up. Mix slowly until smooth and creamy!

Step 7: You need a lasagne dish/casserole, a small one if you’re preparing it for only 2-3 people. You make the layers by dipping one by one the ladyfingers in the coffee. Don’t leave it for too long as it gets too soft and it breaks. Just dip and take it out right away! As you dipped one ladyfinger, you can place it in your casserole, one by the other to completely cover the bottom of the dish. When the first layer of ladyfingers is ready, you cover it with the cream you made.

Step 7: You continue with a 2nd layer of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, then covered with the rest of the cream. On top sprinkle the cocoa powder. You can also add grounded hazelnuts on top of the cocoa powder if you’d like. That always makes it better!

Tiramisu Ingredients
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