Gelato Recipe

gelato and pasta cooking class in rome

We make two different types of Gelato recipes at the class (not at the same time). Depending which one you made, you can find the recipe below, as well as a 2nd gelato recipe.

Milk Cream Gelato

140 g of sugar
30 gr Acacia honey
30 gr Skimmed milk powder
4 gr Carob flour
656 gr Whole milk
140 gr Cream 35% (indicates the fat percentage)

  • Pour the whole milk into a bowl, preferably at room temperature or preheated (do not boil milk);
  • pour in the skimmed milk powder and the carob flour;
  • add acacia honey, cream, and finally sugar;
  • mix everything with a mini-pimer (immersion blender).

Finally, insert the mixture into your ice cream machine – carefully read the instructions for your ice cream machine to understand where to insert the ingredients, and remember that it must always be cleaned after use but also before using it again and must always be very dry otherwise it they will form bacteria very easily.

Remember that ice cream must always be stored at least -14 degrees centigrade (home freezers are usually at -17 degrees so it’s fine).

The storage time depends on the flavor of the ice cream, the sooner it is consumed, the better it will be!

Fior di panna is a flavor that many can enjoy and that you can complete with any toppings according to your tastes! we recommend Nutella/chocolate, black cherry, or caramel topping 🙂


The recipe is very similar to the one for making fior di panna. the quantities change slightly and a fundamental ingredient must be added. Let’s see how to make it:

140 g of sugar
Acacia honey 50 gr
Skimmed milk powder 30 gr
Carob flour 4 gr
Whole milk 636 gr
Cream 35% (indicates the fat percentage) 140 gr
Vanilla pod* 2 g (during the cooking class we used “vanilla paste” which will be difficult for you to find so we recommend the simple vanilla pod 🙂

Gelato Recipe
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